Easy steps to make a blog

1.Choose a domain name

Pick any you like for me not too important . Think back when google or facebook started were their names impressive ?

What about extension ? The same – com,net,biz…up to you .In my case I often choose cheap names at Hawkhost .

2. Choose a web hosting

Many good but I highly recommend Hawkhost . It is really the best choice with many amazing features.

To make it simple I also buy domain names  at Hawkhost and I don’t  have to point domain names to host.

3. Launch a blog

Just after you buy domain names and hosting, series of emails sent to you together with information in your account which direct you step-by-step to set up your site easily.

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress, use it and find out a lot of good things with it.

Don’t  worry. If you get stuck , feel free to contact me and get help through blog comments or ask Uncle Google for faster .

4. Manage your blog

Get into your account, teach yourself or again ask Google.

Post daily to make your site more and more attractive . Try to write or post something unique, new, necessary to your visitors.


That’s all. Simple isn’t it ?

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