Earn little but stable

I have recently joined pad.hoste.work – a hosting PTC sites. 
I like it as it is a Hosting Company, trusted and fast paying.
Its services for webmasters – Hosting, Domains,Back-links, PTC hosting, e-mail hosting, SIP hosting, online advertising, free traffic, paid traffic.
If you use its hosting servers, you will get its free traffic exchange service. View other users websites and get traffic for your website for free.
All users, who buy membership, get wordpress hosting . With 1 Gb or 5 Gb disk space, PHP7, MySql.
For portal users – You get paid for viewing our clients websites.
Get paid for surfing websites from our hosting users, do simple tasks, and answering surveys.
You need click only on 1 paid ad in day to get income in its project.
Get paid from read its commercial emails.

You can see some of my payment proofs here.

Now join to get paid daily.

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